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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Get laser precise and create artwork with the wow factor. Whether you’re giving Invitations a makeover, creating Postcards with panache or crafting gorgeous Greeting Cards, get creative with paper cut designs in your choice of seven stocks to give your print the ultimate edge.

Add an extra dimension to your designs with Laser Cutting available on a range of our top selling products

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

For Greeting Cards that are guaranteed to be unmissable on the mantelpiece, add a touch of Laser Cut luxury. From simple shapes to intricate designs, bring a layer of delicate depth to your sentiments.


Be the star of the show with Laser Cut Invitations. Make yours the must-attend event of the year by adding intricate details, bold designs or lace like Laser Cut elements for added elegance.



Whether it’s a marketing message that cuts through the noise, an informative handout with the extra edge or an announcement card for an event or party, Laser Cut postcards help you say it your way.

Artwork Template

Artwork Template

What is Laser Cutting?

Laser Cutting adds a whole new dimension to paper craft by adding the wow factor to your print. If you’re looking for precision when it comes to your designs, Laser Cutting allows you to be super-intricate – from cutting out hand written text, to lace-like delicate designs or even cutting shapes and images from your print.

Laser Cutting uses a process of burning paper (yes, there’s flames!) with precision lasers to cut your design – so it’s useful to note that the edges if the laser cut designs have a slightly burnished edge. We personally love the vintage feel that this adds to intricate designs.

Delivery options

Standard Delivery
As Laser Cutting is extra special, it has a turnaround time of 5 days with standard delivery.

Artwork Guide

Helpful hint: If you’re looking to laser cut text, remember that for filled letters, like ‘o’ and ‘a’ and ‘b’ for example, the middle of the letter will be cut out, (this middle bit of a letter is known as a counter). To make sure your counter stays intact, use a stencil like font, or leave a small join.

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If you are after something extraordinary or completely custom, our dedicated Bespoke team are on hand to help.
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