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Brochure printing

Whatever your project, we’ve got the brochure to fit your needs. With over 30 paper combinations available and five different binding options to choose from, creating your bespoke product catalogue, portfolio, prospectus, event guide or brochure has never been easier.

Saddle stitched brochures
from £20.00

Saddle Stitched Brochures

6 sizes available

8 to 40 pages

10 different paper stocks

Perfect bound brochures
from £40.00

Perfect Bound Brochures

5 sizes available

20 to 400 pages

4 different paper stocks

Wiro bound brochures
from £15.00

Wiro Bound Brochures

4 sizes available

Lie-flat design

4 different paper stocks

Hardback books
from £70.00

Hardback Books

3 sizes available

32 to 400 pages

Lie-flat design

Folded leaflets
from £12.50

Folded Leaflets

7 sizes available

4 fold options

15 different paper stocks

No matter what you’re creating, we’ve got the brochure printing option to suit. From professionally bound dissertations to photobooks, portfolios, prospectuses, yearbooks, product catalogues, direct mailers and more, you’ll find everything you need to create your print your way at Plus, with more paper stock choices than ever before and options to suit every budget or project size, it’s never been easier to create and print your documents and brochures.