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File freedom revealed! An easier, faster and more affordable way to order multiple artwork versions on one product.

File freedom

Psssst, wanna know a secret? There’s a quicker, easier and more affordable way to order multiple artwork versions on the same product and it’s been on the site all along! Our file freedom service lets you order up to 100 different artwork versions across 47 products. It’s super easy and it only costs from £2 per version for both small and large format products. Brilliant! It’s the best thing you didn’t know you never knew.

Why use file freedom?
Imagine you want to order three different types of greeting card: Halloween, Christmas and Birthday. You want them all to be A5 tent fold on TruCard, without lamination. Instead of making three separate orders, just follow the simple steps below...

How to order with file freedom

  1. 1) Choose your product and select your size, paper and finish
  2. 2) Choose your quantity then check 'Need to order more than one artwork version for this product?' and enter the number of versions
  3. 3) Upload your artwork file containing all your artwork versions

Your top product picks

The file freedom service is available on 47 of our products, but here are a handful of our bestsellers and seasonal favourites to help get you started.

Liberate yourself from the shackles of single artwork print jobs with our file freedom service.